What are you here to do? How will you do it? What is essential? What is in the way? What will you give? Do you trust yourself to create, relate and adapt? What calls you? Are you receiving? 

When we face these questions, we align with powerful forces beyond ourselves. Never before has there been so much support for anyone seeking a pathway to participation. Are you joining? 


When we pause and reflect, we cultivate space for realisation and transformation. In these times of great change, the universe is calling for our talents like never before. It's time to get good at being good.

What is community? What does it mean for you? How will you find it, or build it? How will it work? What is its purpose? What is your role in it? How will it deal with adversity, chaos and conflict? 


What is your dream? How will you get there? What will it take? Who shares it? Is it sustainable? Is it fun? 

We envision a diverse network of thriving, interdependent communities, generating ways for more and more people to participate.


Planetary ecosystems can no longer support our old ways. The pressure catalyses a programme of genetic mutations across humanity, as our DNA shifts to higher frequencies.

When we find the gifts in our shadows, and let more light in, we activate others. The right people show up. Quantum shifts are inevitable. The network grows.



The fourth evolution of Natural Wisdom LeadersTM is a major upgrade to our self-mastery programme.

Part online, part face-to-face, it draws on the diversity of Davina and Nizami's combined practice and experience to catalyse alchemical change.

Expect powerful initiations and transformations, as we navigate natural forces inside and out. Cultivate inner strength and outer competence, from food and health to creativity, teamwork, community, leadership and service.

Be deeply seen and heard. Be held as you heal. Be in creative relationship with the universe. Find the gifts in your shadows. Laugh at yourself. Be in love.

— Online Mastery Groups
Apply the power of group consciousness to your situation. Speak your truth, be deeply seen and heard.

— Bodywork
Powerful exercises for daily practice, yoga, qi gong, breath work, essential fitness and flexibility.

— Inner Work
Transformative exercises to open the gifts hidden in inner conflicts, addictions, fear and trauma.

— Outer Work
Evolution happens in relation to others.
Experience transformational group work .

— Guidance & Mentoring
Set your sights and arrive at your destination. Powerful maps, group and one-on-one mentoring.

— Retreats & Initiations
Brining it all together in curated face-to-face programmes in specially selected locations.

— Activation
Discover your mastery, give your gifts, connect with others in synarchical networks.

— Prosperity
Dscover abundance, trust, self-reliance, and the ease of true prosperity. When we align ourselves with the universe, giant steps are possible.

— Community
Have fun, challenges and form lasting bonds with your fellow travellers. Build a team, a project, a community

At this stage, we are inviting anyone feeling the call to simply join our mailing list. We promise not to spam you or share your data with anyone.

NWLs 1, 2 and 3 were fun, intense, challenging and life-changing for everyone involved. Hopefully we can share some reviews :-)

NWL4 is a major upgrade.
While it retains (of course) its shamanic roots, its branches reach toward effective, creative and sustainable teams and communities.

The call to service is now very much an Aquarian one. A collective one. It is time to find our true selves in meaningful relationship with others, with nature, with the universe.

Your Pathway to Participation awaits.
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